Kimono strolling in Nikko’s World heritage area

Authentic Tea Ceremony together with locals…

How about a little adventure in Nikko?

Join us “Kimono de Nikko”!  As Nikko locals, we would like more people to know and fell town’s true beauty by strolling in kimonos and having some genuine cultural experiences together with Japanese locals.

Dressed in a kimono, you will feel you have time-travel to an old era…and everything you experience like eating local food, attending tea ceremony, strolling the town will be somewhat extraordinary..

How about having a wonderful little adventure in Nikko?

A.    Time-traveling Lunch plan ¥5,000

(Including: kimono dressing&renta/lunch/tea ceremony)

Not sure about planning a strolling route by yourself?

Well, then plan A is a perfect choice.

Lunch @ Meiji-no-yakata, an old stone cottage some free strolling before and after the lunch until tea ceremony.

A.    Niiko Relaxed Strolling plan ¥3,500

Including: kimono dressing& rental//tea ceremony

For those who want to have more free strolling time. Around Nikko, plan B is your choice. After getting dressed in s kimono, please enjoy exploring Nikko until the meeting time for the tea ceremony@ Saishoji-temple

*For kimono rental, please bring your own tabi(special socks for kimono) or, you can purchase them in Utakata for ¥540-

*It’s is expected to be cold on the day, so please dress yourself in warm clothes such as…heat-techs, leggings, V-shape sweaters, gloves and scarfs etc.

《High lights! of kimono de Nikko》

1, Authentic Tea Ceremony experience including both thin tea and thick tea serving!


2 Special Free Toushougu shrine guide tour! (Both in Japanese and in English)

To join the tour, please purchase an admission ticket to the shrine.


3 Enjoy eating and shopping at local restaurants and stores with “Nikko kimono tabi club” discount service.

*detailed info will be on our event website.


4 Various choices of kimono and also Hakama!

*if you want to wear boots with Hakama, please bring yours.


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